Weekend Tennessee getaway.

Memorial weekend caught us by surprise this year, with no time to book flights our only option was driving. Living in Florida makes road trips a bit difficult because just getting out of florida can take over 6 hours… That didn’t stop us here is what we managed to book one day before our departure on the road trip of a life time.

First of all, we had to find a pet friendly hotel because with little time to plan we knew we had to take our babies. The select inn hotel is pet friendly and has NO pet fee which was extremely amazing. This is NOT a 5 star hotel but it gets it done, it was pretty clean and the staff was extremely friendly. Our hotel for two nights cost us $114

CAR RENTAL: we always find BUDGET car rental to be the most convenient and pocket friendly. This is because the rental and returning process is extremely easy and fast. our car rental for four days was $104 , see the good thing about BUDGET car rental is that they have UNLIMITED miles which is perfect for road trips. We put 2,300 miles on the car.

This was the car we got, which was GREAT on gas.


Now the most important thing when you don’t have many days of in your destination is time management, make a list of all things you want to do and organize your times depending on what time they open ect.


Here is all the things we managed to do in Tennessee in just 2 days.




$16 per person, takes about two hours to see it all.

alrighty that was fun… NEXT UP

Cummins Falls.. this is FREE, and amazing. Great views and Great pictures.


Next up: we attended the Country music hall of fame, this is basically a country museum if you’re into that, its $25 pp.


Alrighty, then we enjoyed the night life in Gatlinburg. If you make it there make sure to visit ole Smoky moonshine distillery, stand by the bar and for $5 you can get 13 samples of different moonshine’s, it is most definitely a worthwhile experience.

Alrighty next up:

We stopped by this little adorable place called Tennessee XXX moonshine, here the staff is amazing and the moonshine is even better. They give you as many FREE tasters of moonshine as you’d like.. Just give them a tip, they deserve it.


That was the end of day one… we also did little things like stop and take pictures in random places… I am NOT exactly sure where this was but you can get a very similar view driving by ” The tail of the dragon” which is a famous road with lots of turns. The views are free. 




Alrighty now day two:

We woke up as early as 7AM and headed down to burgess falls state park, once again to take a look at a beautiful water fall. (We don’t have many of those down in florida.)

Next we drove to a small winery, again here for $5 you get to taste I believe it was 6 different DELICIOUS wines. This place is called “Cellars winery” you can also buy a bottle of their delicious wine and drink it in their cute backyard accompanied by their cute dogs. haha (Dog lover)

Next up: We did a little more drinking and headed down to the short mountain distillery and had some brownie and moonshine. The moonshine taster here was a bit pricier than at other places but it came with a beautiful view. $10 to pick 4 moonshine of your preference to try.  Then, for $12 you get a Groupon which gets you the brownie and a tour of the distillery.


Now our plans for day two where cut short unfortunately, our original plan was to go White water rafting which we found for $17-$30 on Groupon but unfortunately we didn’t reserve with time and all the places where booked since it was a long weekend but it is something we definitely recommend everyone doing.

Anyways, this was our trip it was amazing we hope you visit some of these place while in Tennessee.

& if you’re planning on driving don’t forget to sign in the car 🙂


Thank you for reading enjoy your trip.

Much love,






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