We bought a house!

As many of you guys already know, we have taken on the challenge of being home owners. The process has been long but completely worth while. I have gotten many personal messages on social media asking for advice on how we did it and so I have decided to dedicate a blog post to the matter. Fist of I would like to start with the why’s?

Why buy a house at such a young age when you can travel and party instead? We love to travel and traveling is in fact still part of our plan for our future, before deciding to purchase the home we made sure we would have enough money to afford traveling at least twice a year. Buying a house is an investment where you basically have money put away rather it than wasting it on other stuff as we would usually do.

Saving money for the down payment of a home is not always easy which is why we concluded that doing it while living with our parents and not paying rent was the easiest time to do it.

Purchasing a home is a great accomplishment, if you’re not ready to move out you can always put it up for rent and make some money out of it, regardless of your situation it is an accomplishment.

When choosing a home we decided that a fixer upper would be the best bet for us, it would be cheaper and we can invest the extra money in making the home exactly how we would want it. so far we have changed the floors, moved and remodeled the kitchen, landscaping the backyard, and furnish. We plan on remodeling the bathrooms late January. We have done most of the work ourselves to save money.

The house is located in Palmetto bay, great area with great neighbors not too far from the city but far enough to have tranquility. So far, I love all my neighbors.

My tip for anyone trying to save up for a down payment is to make it a bill, set an amount of money you want to save each month and approach it like a bill. No excuses IT NEEDS TO GET PAID. Open up a new debit card and deposit the money into that card monthly, DO NOT use that card for anything other than depositing. I would lock it up in a safe to be safe.

This is how we personally achieved our goal towards the down payment, we also sold a couple of unused things here and there. Whatever you need to do to reach your goals.
Best of luck, F & D. 

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