Our perfect Disney World getaway

Our Disney World Getaway in a nutshell.

Stick around for some Disney World tips, From an annual pass holder.


Here is us by the Cinderella castle. (Thank you Go pro for this amazing photograph.)


Here is us in Epcot… Getting a little tipsy. haha


–>> and here’s a little more<–

 Magic Kingdom TIPS, TIPS, TIPS !!

The dining: YUM, make reservations.

Seriously reservations are important when it comes to Magic Kingdom.

I 100% recommend “Be our guest” It’s a beauty and the beast themed styled restaurant with delicious food and great service. They have 3 different themed rooms to dine in and also meet and greet with the characters. Be our guest is also pretty cheap for the experience you’re getting. This is a perfect setting for a family or a romantic dinner alone. Oh… and let’s not forget the best part, Be our guest is the ONLY place in all of magic kingdom that sells wine.



Many people don’t know this but Disney offers free pass passes to their guest, all you have to do is go online and reserve your spot. This is a must do because the lines at Disney can be pretty long.












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