The basics of growing up..

You know, recently I came to the conclusion that I was growing up right before my eyes without even noticing it. With that being said I thought I’d be a cute idea to put together a list of things I thought you should have done when becoming an adult.

1. Realizing that eating out needs to be kept at a minimum.

Well been a teenager you atleast in America you quickly adapt to the convenience of eating out, and while he’s it is extremely convenient it can also be extremely pricey.

2. Having a savings account.

When you grow up you realize that emergencys do happen, and having a job is a luxury not everyone gets to have. Having a savings account with a minimum of 3,000 dollars is the responsible thing to do. Your savings account should cover atleast 3 months worth of your bills.’s a big one… Family parties.

Teenagers are always running away from family parties. As you grow up you start realizing that your family is the most important and forever thing in your life. When you grow up you start to actually value every second you get with your family. media.

occassionally as you grow older you grow out of the social media phase, realizing that telling everyone your daily business probably isn’t the smartest thing to do and checking in everywhere you go probably isn’t the safest.

5. Appreciating time alone.

when I was a teenager I hated being alone and I was hanging out with friends every second I got, now growing up I’ve learned to appreciate and value every second of alone time I get.

6. Outlook on your future

As a teenager my long term goals were to live with my friends and party everyday. Now, as an adult My goals are to get married, buy a house, maintain a stable job, and have well educated and talented children.

7. As simple as fun.

Even the simplicity of fun has changed, what I thought was fun 5 years ago i completely find unnecessary, dumb and absurd now.
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